So you know those days?

So you know those days when you wake up later than you had intended and have a meeting that you need to attend and you’re stumbling around your house trying to eat breakfast and realize you don’t have anything to eat so you eat half a cup of rice with mustard in it and then let the dog outside without feeding him and put wood into the woodstove and get into the shower and as soon as you get fully wet the dog starts freaking out and barking like a nutball which he never really does so you get out of the shower butt nekkid and go let him inside and flash the neighbor woman while you’re letting him inside and then go back to the shower without thinking about the gallon of water you’ve just dripped all over the hardwood floors and then drive like a maniac to work and play it cool like you intended to roll into work exactly 32 seconds before the meeting starts and then you spend the day dealing with paperwork which you’re evidently the only person in your entire office that has access to and you learn that your receptionist really is completely unaware that you can attach a document to an email and when you show her how to do it she kind of freaks out and you think she’s going to have some sort of coronary attack and you really can’t bring yourself to care because you’re pretty much at the end of your workday after being there for all of 4 hours and so you bail out early and while you’re driving home you’re thinking about the hour that you’re supposed to spend on the trainer because you can’t ride outside due to the roads being covered and snow and ice, but you still feel the need to train because you’re slow and want to ride because you enjoy it more than anything else on the planet, and you’ve got friends coming to stay with you and you have to clean you house because one of those people is a chick and you feel the need to clean so this chick doesn’t think you’re a total slob even though she probably knows you’re just a stereotypical single guy and not really a slob and she and her husband are pretty much your best friends so you come home and slap the road bike on the trainer and bust out an hour but then realize it’s getting late and you still haven’t done about the cleaning debacle so you run around like a chicken with no head and do a whirlwind cleaning job and then realize that you don’t have anything for your friends to eat and they’re likely going to be hungry in the morning so you jump in the truck and toss two bags of trash in the back and go to the store to get oatmeal and coffee and eggs and toaster pastries for them and when you get back out to the truck in the parking lot you realize that you forgot to take the trash to the trash transfer station, so you swing by there on the way home and when you’re pulling into the transfer station you realize you’ve been behind the same car since you left the grocery store and you hope that the person in front of you doesn’t think you’re following them and when you pull up next to the dumpster you notice the chick that you were “following” is acting like you’re a freak and is noticeably scared when you say “hi there!” to her while you’re tossing bags into the dumpster, and then you realize you’ve probably really terrorized the little co-ed so you shut up and get back into your truck and drive home aaaaaaaaaaaaand then you sit down on the couch at 11:45 at night and write a blog post about it?

Really, you know those days?!

Yeah, me too. I just had one.

(with a nod to Ted King)


2 responses to “So you know those days?

  1. Mustard and rice? Food FAIL.

  2. Seriously, it was all I had in the fridge. It was Chinese hot mustard, if that makes *any* difference. Probably not.



    Food FAIL.

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